The DHS Club Website Review & Ratings + The DHS Club Coupons
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The DHS Club Website Review & Ratings + The DHS Club Coupons

The DHS Club: Products & Services

The company provides free memberships to people all over the world as a part of its club that offers rewards on shopping and provides the promise of the cheapest prices in its shopping mall that encompasses hundreds of popular stores. The ClubShop Mall offers around 1000 stores providing online products to the members of the dhs-club. The company offers its services in over 70 countries around the world and provides huge savings on purchases.

The DHS Club: Company Background

The DHS Club was founded by Dick Burke in 1997 and the company is located in Englewood, FL. The company is basically a club that invites people to be its members and provide cheapest possible prices due to the collaboration with various stores. The company operates an online store called ClubShop Mall which now offers convenient, online shopping at over 500 stores, where DHS Club Members can earn Club Reward Points on all of their purchases. The mall has all major shopping stores like Old Navy, Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot, Target, Dominos Pizza, Upper Deck, Dell, Sears, Kohls, Marriott Hotels, Sephora, Home Depot and many more from around the world.

The DHS Club: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The company doesn’t have many consumer reviews as most people have written affiliate articles regarding the company. However a fully positive editorial review was found related to the company but even that didn’t actually provide any pros or cons regarding the company. There were no other reviews found on the net regarding the site A few testimonials for the store have also been listed on the site.

The DHS Club: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company, Discount House Shoppers’ Club or dhs-club isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau but the business has been given an postive rating of A  due to the long operating time of the business and the lower number of complaints against the business. There were no media publications or any sort of awards or accreditations linked to the site or the company that could be found on

The DHS Club: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

With no submitted reviews against its name and a very low global traffic ranking of 2,502,413, the site is listed with 50 linked in sites on its Alexa page. Approximately, 64 percent of the visits to the site are bounces and search engines refer around 36 percent of the traffic towards The site’s Google pagerank was found out to be 3 out of 10 while the site receives 3652 monthly unique visitors only.

The DHS Club: Social Media Presence

The site in itself isn’t present on any social media networks but the company, that owns the site and some other websites as well, is present on the social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. The Facebook page linked to the shop of dhs-club shows 7,992 likes while the twitter page is operated under the name of Will Burke and has 908 followers.       

The DHS Club: Website Security & Safety

There are no payment pages on the website so the site may be treated as safe while none of the pages are encrypted. Also, registrations aren’t accepted directly on so there is no sensitive information required. The Google diagnostic page also lists the site as not suspicious de to the fact that the site hasn’t been linked to any malware or malicious software of any kind in the past 90 days.

The DHS Club: Pricing & Packages

There are no products listed on the site. The site is just the face of the club that owns various sites and a store that provides just a shopping medium through which one can get access to cheaper third party products. So, there are no pricings available on the website and the site can’t actually be compared to any other site due to the informative nature of the same.

The DHS Club: Shipping Rates & Policies

Due to the nature of this company where the site is just the face of the club that owns various sites and a stores, it currently does not provide a shipping policy. Shipping does not apply as no direct product is offered. The company only provides a service accessible to customers without the mean of anything physical being shipped. Shipping fees are therefore exempted from all payments that will be charged to customers when final arrangements are made.

The DHS Club: Payment Methods Accepted

The site doesn’t provide any products, only links to associated sites and information regarding the company and its stores are provided on and that is the reason they don’t have any payment page. Thus, a lack of payments and products page makes it obvious that the site doesn’t accept payments in any manner or of any kind.

The DHS Club: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy doesn’t list any products for sales and although the company owns an online shopping mall but that is listed on a different website and not the official company website. So, there are no return or exchange policies associated with the site. The company doesn’t provide any sort of money back guarantees or refunds due to the absence of any payments or products on the site.

The DHS Club: Product images & screenshots
The DHS Club Coupons
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